Posted on 02/28/2018

Hello SEMS Families,

This is Dr. DeBora with a quick update on two issues.

First, an update with regards to March 14, and our plan to honor the victims of the tragedy in Florida. I will be going on SEMS TV tomorrow to outline the following for students:
1. Students presented me with the idea of wearing of the color black in remembrance of the 17 lives lost in Florida, as well as for the other lives lost at schools. This will allow students to show their solidarity without leaving class, receiving a consequence and missing instruction.
2. We will work with the teachers to provide an option for students to write supportive letters to the students and staff of Stoneman Douglas High School in class during the 17 minutes. The school would collect the letters and mail them. The address and letter from a teacher of Stoneman Douglas is attached to the reference page under the headline.
3. A designated area (currently the upper filed) for students who chose to leave class for the 17 minutes of reflection and remembrance.
4. At 10:17am, any remembrance that students plan will conclude and students will either go to their fourth period class, or go to lunch.
5. March 14 will be the only day for a remembrance. 

6. There will be a consequence for students who leave their class, and that is why I appreciate the students coming up with a color to wear so students can still show their support. We will be finalizing what that consequence is within our administrative team. Currently, any students who leave class without permission is truant and assigned a Wednesday School. While the consequence for this may not be as severe, it would not be more severe. My concern if there were to be no consequence would include the increased frequency of events, and the abuse of the voice we are trying to help middle students find. The final decision on the consequence will be part of my presentation on SEMS TV later next week, and we will update our website as well.

Second is with regards to the new boundaries and where students will be attending what schools next year. The Board will have all of the specific scenarios after the meeting next Tuesday on March 6. As we plan for the 8th grade field trip on March 15th, we will wait for those decisions, and send out new permission slips to any students affected by this change.

Starting Thursday, this message and the letter from Stoneman Douglas can be found on our website under the Headlines, as well as in the Archived eBlast section.

Thank you and have a good evening.