Truancy, Consequences & Perfect Attendance

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Every student is expected to attend school daily and be on time for class.  If a student is absent from class without a valid excuse or leaves class without the teacher's permission, s/he is considered truant.  Truancy also includes students who are more than 30 minutes late to school without a verified reason, or "ditching" part or the whole of a period.  This also applies to unverified/unexcused absences.

Parent is notified of the truancy by an Assistant Principal.  A student may receive a failing grade for unexcused absences exceeding 10 days per semester.  Habitual truancy will result in a suspension from school and a referral to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB).  The SARB process is controlled by the juvenile court system and may result in a court appearance, fine and/or a weekend in a juvenile detention facility.

Perfect attendance is achieved by not missing any classes (excused or unexcused) throughout the school year.

The Perfect Attendance Award is based on attendance for the 8th grade school year.  Recipients of this award were present every day, all day.  This includes being on time to school each day and not being checked out early or for any part of the day.  This special recognition requires the dedication of both parents and students.

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