Posted on 09/05/2017

Hello SEMS Families,

This is Dr. DeBora with an important announcement.

Coming Soon! San Elijo Middle School will be ‘adopting’ a middle school in Texas that has been devastated by Hurricane Harvey. Over the next week you will learn about a special community service opportunity where one of our history teachers, Ms. McKinney, will be organizing students to coordinate efforts to collect school supplies, clothing, and money for shipping the items to Crosby Middle School, located in a suburb of Houston, Texas. Our students will also be writing letters and Skyping the students of this school once they receive our items and get back on their feet. Their principal, Mr. Dustin Bromley, anticipates school opening for them on September 7. After a few days of taking inventory, he will send us a list of supplies needed.

This project is a part of a national movement to aide students in returning to school. It is called Principals Helping Principals, and more information can be found at https://www.smore.com/1y298. We will ship the items directly to the middle school. The money we raise will go towards the shipping costs of sending these supplies directly to the school, bypassing administrative costs.

Stay tuned to our school website, as well as our PTO’s Facebook page for all of the details on how your family can help middle school students who have lost so much. Ms. McKinney is creating a list of students who will be collecting the donations before school both in the PAC and in the drop-off lane. Students will be responsible for organizing and packing the items. The school will help with the collection of any monetary donations. Students will also write letters to individual students, and Ms. McKinney will attempt to Skype with the school in the Spring.

This will be a powerful way our students connect the community service expectation with a real-world impact.

Please visit https://ca01000805.schoolwires.net/Domain/1007 for more details.

Have a good evening.