Posted on 02/22/2018

Hello SEMS Families,

This is Dr. DeBora with a few pieces of important information.

First, the Promotion Feedback Survey is now up on our website. We will be collecting feedback from the community during the next week. After that time, we will present our data to the district to help make a final decision on promotion.

Next, I went on SEMS TV today to discuss the importance of our safety drills with the school. I also spoke about the possibility of a walkout in response to the tragedy in Florida, and what the school expectations are regarding student behavior at this school. There has been a responsible group of students who have started a dialogue with me regarding alternatives to a walkout, and we will continue those discussions. All students know that if they choose to leave class at any time without permission, they will be assigned a consequence. I appreciate the ability our students have to conduct themselves rationally during our talks, and I look forward to working with them to find a suitable option so their voice can be heard in an appropriate way.

Third, we are seeking your input on the priorities to spend any supplementary money we receive next year. There is a survey is on our website titled LCAP Survey. We are asking for your top three priorities. Please look under Headlines for all of the information.

Lastly, I hope you can make it tomorrow to our Conversation With the Principal, where we will discuss our school safety procedures, our response to a possible walkout, and next steps in our promotion decision.

Please continue to check the website for all of the information, as the text of all messages are placed on there for your reference.

Have a great evening.