Posted on 03/01/2018

Hello SEMS Families,

Today we conducted a lockdown drill that occurred during a passing period. Mr. Livingston prepared students earlier in the week as to the expectations if such an event would happen during a passing period or at lunch. Students were instructed to run to the nearest open door. This would include restrooms and locker rooms, regardless of gender.

All 1935 students were in a secured location within 30 seconds. They did an excellent job of finding the nearest location, and not running across campus to their next classroom, a very important factor.

During the drill, I went on the loudspeaker to explain how a real situation would take hours, asked students to familiarize themselves with the different points of entry and exit, and the difference in our two lockdowns. There is a soft lockdown when there is a event occurring off campus in the community. There is a hard lockdown when there is an event on campus. That distinction will be made in the event of a real situation. We also escorted any students in a restroom to the nearest classroom so they could hear the information.

Mr. Livingston will debrief with the school over SEMS TV, including reviewing the video from our drone.

Thank you for listening and have a good evening.