Posted on 03/13/2018

Hello SEMS Families,

As promised, I spoke to the students on SEMS TV regarding the consequence for any student who chooses to leave their classroom to participate in the walk-out tomorrow. With multiple options for our middle school students, including the writing of support letters to SDHS, writing their congressmen and congresswomen, smiling and talking to 17 new people, and wearing the color black in remembrance and solidarity, we believe we have given impactful, age-appropriate options that do not disrupt the learning environment. If students still choose to walkout, they will be considered truant from class and assigned a lunch detention that will need to be served on Thursday. If the student is absent on Thursday, then the detention will be served when the student returns. Consequences for truancy are documented and cannot be excused by a parent.

I appreciate the dialogue students have had with me, as all of the suggestions for alternatives to leaving class came from students. We will continue to focus on the teaching and learning of children so they can become the leaders of this country we desperately need.

Please contact me with any questions.
Have a great week,

Dr. DeBora