Posted on 04/19/2018

Good Evening –

This is your principal, Dr. DeBora, with important school information. As you may know there have been calls through the internet for students to walk-out of class on Friday, April 20th. While we worked with students to engage in the March 14 event to honor victims in the Parkland tragedy, it is my expectation that our students engage fully in their classroom activities without interruption tomorrow. Our teaching and support staff work to empower our students to think about difficult issues, make connections between others and themselves, and to build a compassionate and ethical society. We continue to believe students have a powerful voice that can effect change. However, walking out of school is not the solution.

Students are telling us they may wear orange to express support for the walk-out, and we encourage this sort of expression. Beyond that level of participation, students who choose to walk out of class or off campus will be documented as truant and appropriate consequences will be administered. It is my hope you will support us in ensuring all our students come to school tomorrow prepared to enjoy one another and learning. Superintendent Hunt is aware of this message and supportive of the school policies.

Please remember the text of these messages can be found on our website under the About Us channel.

Have a great evening.