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Expo is a curricular wheel for those students who have chosen not to take band. These units will take place throughout the school year. The grading/learning wheel consists of four sections:

  • Keyboarding and Home Practice

  • Brainology/Mindset Works (Growth Mindset)

  • Assignment/Planner Check

  • Active Participation /Academic Conversation

Learning Styles

Students will be introduced to the different styles and ways to learn. They will also discover what their own personal learning style is and ways to improve it and/or adjust to become better learners.

Keyboarding (OPTIONAL)

Students should learn, practice, and master keyboarding lessons that focus on “Home Row” style of computer keyboard typing. Students are encouraged to look at the screen and not at their fingers. Students can pass each lesson by taking accuracy and time tests for each set of letters. Mastery and completion of each lesson is mandatory to advance to the next lesson. All lessons must be completed and verified by their own accountability. Keyboarding practice is recommended outside of school during the weekday (Monday-Thursday) on non-Expo days, using a free web-based typing program (

Mindset Works/Brainology

Students will follow the study skills curriculum with growth mindset studies which utilizes the Brainology program to teach lessons about adopting a growth mindset. The program includes online animated instructional units, as well as offline classroom activities. The Expo team is excited to launch this program for our incoming 6th grade class.


Planner Check

One of the goals of Expo is to enhance the student’s organization skills. All students will be required to write down all their assignments from all classes every school day. This can be done in several ways…personal planners, calendar, or a piece of paper dedicated to writing down and keeping track of assignments. Planners will be checked on Monday or Tuesday, depending on the student’s schedule, from the previous week.

Active Participation /Academic Conversation

Each student will be expected to participate to his/her best ability in all activities. On-task behavior is always expected. Learning is by doing and for success, attitude is as important as ability!

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