Rising Stars Program Workshops

SEMS Rising Stars is pleased to offer several theatre workshops throughout the year  that will allow students to grow as actors, dancers, singers, and stage technicians.  With the exception of the Audition Workshop, each workshop will run 4-6 weeks as an after school program.

These workshops are for everyone - the  beginner or more experienced.  Students do not have to audition of be involved in the Rising Stars musical production to take part.  For those students who are cast in the musical, these workshop programs will coincide with and run on opposite days from rehearsals.

Registration for each workshop will take place on Sign Up Genius.  Please email semsrisingstars@gmail.com for sign up links.  Once you have signed up, you will receive an email with the registration paperwork.  Payment is due at the first class.  A minimum of 6 students must be signed up or the class may be cancelled. 

Workshops Offered:

Audition Workshop (2:30-4:00pm) - Monday, September 10

Dancing for Theatre: Basics for the “non-dancer” (T/Th 2:45-3:45pm) Sept. 11-Oct. 4, 2018

Acting & Improvisation (Tuesdays 2:45-4pm) Oct. 9-Nov. 13, 2018

Stage Craft (T/Th 2:45-4:15pm) TBD - 2019

Tapping in Tennies (T/Th 2:45-3:45pm) April 9-May2, 2019

More information for all workshops can be found under WORKSHOP & AUDITION FORMS.