Reporting an all day absence

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To verify a student's absence, a parent or guardian must call the attendance voicemail line at 760-290-2830 or email attendance at [email protected].  Please include the following:  

  • Name of student (with spelling of the last name)
  • Student ID number
  • Date(s) of absence
  • Specific reason of absence           
  • Name of person calling and relationship to student

Excused absences are those due to an illness, a medical appointment, a court appearance, a death in the family, or a religious holiday.  All other reasons will be unexcused.  We may ask for a doctor's note for an illness lasting 5 or more days.

Please notify us each day that your student is absent!  Each absence from school must be reported to the Attendance Office by a parent/guardian within 72 hours, as required by California State law.  All unverified absences are considered unexcused and will be marked as truancies until we hear from a parent/guardian.

Note:  All messages regarding your student's attendance must be directed to the Attendance Office rather than your student's teacher(s).  You may certainly take the extra step to notify the teacher(s), but it is in the Attendance Office that all records-keeping takes place.

Planned Absences of 5-10 Days
 require a 3-business day notice to the Attendance Office in order to be excused absences. Less than a 3-business day advanced noticed will result in unexcused absences.

Repeated unexcused absences for all or part of the school day, including absences from school without knowledge or consent of parents and/or unexcused tardiness, constitutes truancy under State Education Codes 48260-48273.  Students who have 3 or more unexcused absences, tardies, or truancies from school may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) for official and/or legal intervention.


Attendance is important!!

Send your student to school-- on time--every day! 

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