Check-in / Check-out policy

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Checking in Late

Students are expected to arrive promptly to every class- everyday.  It is the expectation in middle school that all students be seated and ready to learn when the bell rings.  When students arrive late to class, instruction is disrupted for all other students.

Should your student arrive late to school for any reason, they must sign in at the Check-In/Check-Out Station located at the corner of San Elijo Road and Elfin Forest Road next to the library before going to class. 

Excused tardies are those due to an illness, a medical appointment, a court appearance, a death in the family, or a religious holiday.  All other reasons including traffic will be unexcused.  Please plan accordingly.

If your student 
is late to school more than 30 minutes, the tardy needs to be verified in one of the following ways:  

  • By phone call or voicemail message from a parent/guardian
  • By email from a parent/guardian
  • By note from a parent/guardian or doctor
  • By accompanying your student into the Check-In Station to sign in

When contacting us via phone or email, please provide:

  • Name of student (with spelling of the last name)
  • Student ID number
  • Date and approximate time of arrival
  • Specific reason for tardy
  • Name of person calling and relationship to student

Checking Out of School Early

Parents are required to come to the Check-In Station
 to meet and sign out their student.  Students will only be released to those persons that parent/guardian have listed on the student's emergency contact list.  Photo identification is required when signing out a student.  

Please arrive early if you need to pick up a student.  Students will not be called out of the classroom until a parent or guardian is in the office.

Students cannot be released from school early to ride their bike home without a parent coming into the Check in/Check Out Station to sign them out of school.

The Check-In/Check-Out Station is located under the Main Entrance archway on the corner of San Elijo Road and Elfin Forest Road.  There are two 10-minute parking spaces in front of the office.

Check-In/Check-Out Station Hours
8:00-2:15 (Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)
8:00-1:15 (Wednesdays)
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