Cross Country

*Updated 9/30/2019
Cross Country Meet Procedures.pdf

Race times for all meets (except Mt. Sac and Championships) are as follows - 
4:15 - 6th and 7th grade girls
4:40 - 6th and 7th grade boys
5:05- 8th grade girls
5:30- 8th grade boys
*the only race that is an exact time is the 6th and 7th grade girls race. The other races times are estimates, and depend on how long the races take. 


Course Maps
September 26th - Woodland Park Course Map.pdf
October 3rd - SEMS Meet Course Map 1.png
October 9th - SMMS MAP.jpg
 October 15th - Iron Mark San Marcos Cup Course Map.png

 October 18th - Mt Sac Course Map.pdf
Mt. Sac Logistics.pdf
Mt. Sac Race Times: 8th Grade Boys - 2:00 pm, 8th Grade Girls - 2:10 pm.
Parents - Plan for a crowded parking situation and a long walk to our pop up tent. 

October 25th - Walnut Grove Course Map.pdf
October 30th - Kit Carson 2 mile Course Map.pdf

Woodland Park
2019 WPMS Meet Girls 6-7 Results.pdf
2019 WPMS Meet Boys 6-7 Results.pdf
2019 WPMS Meet Girls 8 Results.pdf
2019 WPMS Meet Boys 8 Results.pdf

SEMS Campus Meet
2019 SEMS Meet Girls 6-7 Results.pdf
2019 SEMS Meet Boys 6-7 Results.pdf
2019 SEMS Meet Girls 8 Results.pdf
2019 SEMS Meet Boys 8 Results.pdf

San Marcos Middle
2019 SMMS 6-7 Girls.pdf
2019 SMMS 6-7 Boys.pdf
2019 SMMS 8 Girls.pdf
2019 SMMS 8 Boys.pdf

Iron Mark San Marcos Cup
Iron Mark Team Totals 2019.pdf
Iron Mark 6-7 Girls 2019.pdf
Iron Mark 8 Girls 2019.pdf
Iron Mark 8 Boys 2019.pdf

Mt. Sac (8th grade only)
Visit the Mount Sac Invitational website for full details

Walnut Grove

Kit Carson Championships!
Mile pace averages are off because it is actually a 2 mile course as originally thought. Easy conversion to cut your overall time in half. 
Girls 6-7 Championships 2019.pdf
Boys 6-7 Championships 2019.pdf
Girls 8 Championships 2019.pdf
Boys 8 Championships 2019.pdf

1. Please check our web page often and also join us on the Remind App! Both will be useful communication tools between coaches, runners, and parents.

The links below will give you all the details about our team! 
Cross Country Basics.pdf
Cross Country Full Details.pdf

I discovered that there is a limit to how many people can join our cross country team’s Remind thread. With the size of our program, I will be creating a new one for each season. If you already joined the group called “SEMS Cross Country,” you don’t need to do anything else. Thank you! If you have not joined yet, please follow the instructions below to log in to “SEMS Cross Country 2019.”  I will send the same information to both of these all year. Sorry for any confusion!

 Text @48ghad9 to the number 81010

If you have trouble with 81010, try texting @48ghad9 to 

(256) 400-2068.

Remind App Letter To Parents And Runners.pdf
Remind App 2019 PDF.pdf

2. Every runner needs to turn in an athletic physical document and signed student handbook in order to be on our team! There are not cuts, all runners are welcome, so make it an easy process and get the paperwork done as soon as you can. Here are the documents for those two requirements

Physical Exam Form.pdf
Athletic Handbook.pdf
Handbook Signature Sheet (Instead of printing entire handbook).pdf


*Before you can play ANY middle school sport, you must get an athletic physical prior to tryouts or the first day of practice.

3. Every runner also needs to fill out and turn in an emergency contact card. Here is the link for that: emergency information card (1).pdf

If you have any other questions please contact Mr. Neptune at: