Expectations & Discipline

Expectations for the team:

1. Respect coaches, all adults and teammates.

2. No fowl language will be tolerated.

3. Listen to instructions carefully.

4. Be on time!! Each student needs to be suited up and ready when coaches are present. If you are receiving tutoring or help from teachers please inform coaches.

5. While in locker room you must dress out quietly, take all your belongings and leave locker room clean. PE Teachers are still working and you need to be respectful to them while they are at work. The locker rooms are not a playground for you to mess around. The locker rooms will not be open after practice. Take your belongings home! Make sure PE Clothes stay at school!

6. Do not touch others property.

7. Track equipment: treat all track equipment with care.

8. Be helpful when putting track equipment away. Everyone on team is expected to help out.

9. Everyone needs to be working on his/her individual running or field event. No Sitting Idle. Show patience when others are receiving instruction.

10. Team spirit at practice and meets. Encourage one another. Help each other out.

11. No Horse Play. Hands to self!!! Any physical harm will have consequences.

12. Consequences will take place if any athlete violates any of the above expectations. Coaches will meet together to discuss any issues that arise and what action needs to take place. Athletic Coordinator and parents may be brought in to help rectify issues.


a. Talk with Coaches and Athletic Coordinator to settle issue

b. Talk with coaches, Athletic Coordinator and parents to settle issue

c. Suspension from practice or meet

d. Sitting out at meet

e. An exercise i.e. run laps, sit-ups, mountain climber.

f. Off Team


1. If you are able to help with a donation for transportation please see your packet and see the donation section for transportation. All donations are greatly appreciated and helpful for our away meets. 

2. If you have any suggestions on fundraising for the team please contact one of the coaches and we will bring it to Mrs. Coleman Athletic Coordinator.

3. We are looking for sponsors to help raise money for the Track Team. If you know of any local businesses that would like to help sponsor the San Elijo Middle School Track Team please give information to one of the coaches or Mrs Coleman-Athletic Coordinator.

4. One last thing, we will be looking for volunteers throughout the season. Please see one of the coaches to get more information.